Wife tells man to sell 50-years worth of Yankees memorabilia

wow…that is a seriously awesome collection! I love the fact that the wife has stayed out of the basement for the last 8 years. She understood that the basement was his home away from home. When Harvey spoke about his collection and how it reminds him of the days back in the Bronx, you can see him light up like a kid again. With all that is going on in baseball today, we need to remember that baseball is an innocent, fun and exciting sport played by all. Go Sox!


Gotta tell ya, I am in love with Fran and Harvey here. I love that she hasn’t been in the basement in eight years. I love that he’s so giddy about his memorabilia. I love that they have side-by-side recliners in their living room. I want to move in with these two. Read about them here if you can’t watch the video.

[nbcsports_video src=http://media.nbcnewyork.com/assets/pdk449/pdk/swf/flvPlayer.swf?pid=dZM19xUZ1_1G service=generic_embed width=590 height=332 fv=v=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnewyork.com%2Fi%2Fembed_new%2F%3Fcid%3D216670001%26path=%2F%2Fnews%2Flocal]


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Preseason Power Rankings No. 15: Pittsburgh Steelers

I look at it as a team that needs to find its’ strength and use it to make the playoffs. Make the playoffs, consider that a win for them. It will be hard to go back to a run offense since Haley is more throw first, run second kind of guy. As a fan, I don’t consider this year a rebuilding one. My money is on them winning the division! (extreme optimist when it comes to my Steelers).

Breaking news: Alex Rodriguez eats at Chipotle

Wow…he’s just like me. Though, I don’t wimp out and get medium salsa. The hotter the better.


New York Times contributing writer Scott Cacciola brings the hysteria about Alex Rodriguez rehabbing in the minor leagues to its logical conclusion:

See, now that’s in-depth, on-the-scene reporting. (Oh, and Rodriguez went 0-for-3 last night and is now hitting .179 in 10 rehab games.)

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Video: Matt Harvey asks New Yorkers what they think of Matt Harvey

I am a Red Sox fan, but love this from Matt Harvey. Plus, he is a local Connecticut boy so congrats to him on getting the start. He did a great job interviewing those fans and I loved the kid’s reaction at the end. Go Sox!


Mets right-hander Matt Harvey will start the All-Star Game tomorrow for the National League, but he may have a future in comedy.

In a skit for NBC’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” Harvey took to the streets in New York to ask people what they thought about this Matt Harvey character. It was pretty brilliant.

I don’t want to spoil anything before you watch it, but let’s just say that Lucas Duda has a big fan out there.

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PHP Developer-Right to Hire

Company: Healthcare Benefits Management

Location:  Tampa, FL

Job Type: Right to Hire

Title: PHP Developer

Hourly/Salary: 30.00+hr/60K+

Reports to: Senior Developer


Opportunity:  Our client is the nation’s leading benefits management company focused on effectively managing home-based care. Headquartered in Hartford, Conn., the company provides a full range of services including coordination of home nursing, home infusion and home medical equipment. Our client service line includes HomeSTAR, a program which reduces hospital readmissions; and Sleep Management Solutions, a wholly owned company which offers sleep benefit management services to patients and health plans. They serves more than 30 million people through its national network of 7,000 credentialed home healthcare providers, with customer care centers located across the United States.



–          Strong PHP Developer with 3+years of experience

–          Strong knowledge of Zend Framework version 1(version 2 is a bonus)

–          Excellent understanding of Oracle, JQuery, SOAP/REST, Doctrine, Symfony

–          Knowledge of operating systems Linux/Apache

–          Experience in Healthcare or Sleep Management is a PLUS

–          Understanding of Enterprise systems

–          Must be creative and a free-thinker, able to develop from scratch front to back, not just using CMS