Alex Rodriguez reminds me of my eight year-old son

It’s all down hill for Alex. Sorry, but he is finished in baseball. No one wants him back, no one feels sorry for him and no one will think about this twice once it’s all behind us. Baseball will continue on and become stronger and better in the coming years. The pressure to perform as a Major League Athlete is probably more than anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime. These guys sacrifice so much to become the best at their position, in their sport. It’s unfortunate that this has happen to a great American sport, but it wouldn’t be American if there wasn’t a scandal involved some how. Just like the Corporate world, US Gov’t and even in our American homes, scandals and drama is what gets us up in the morning and turn on the news, read the paper, or have those opinionated conversations during lunch/dinner/happy hours. Go Sox!


I was once told a story about Alex Rodriguez, the specific details of which, unfortunately, I cannot share. It was told to me by a person who was party to the events which took place and had absolutely no reason to lie. I have 100% confidence that the story told to me was true.

The upshot was that Rodriguez engaged in Profoundly Aberrant Behavior X immediately after being told that Profoundly Aberrant Behavior X was something he TOTALLY should not do. No one was harmed, it was nothing that would cause a scandal if it came to light in the media. It was just a matter of “Don’t do that,” followed directly by A-Rod doing that and it made everyone involved want to smack their damn heads.

When asked what in the heck he was thinking, A-Rod simply and honestly said that he thought it was OK to engage in…

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